Rich and Ginger Jorgensen

Rich and Ginger Jorgensen, Elim Fellowship Missionaries in Niger Republic, West Africa.

Rich and Ginger work in Muslim villages in Niger, West Africa. The country of Niger is one of the poorest in the world, and is almost 98% Muslim. To reach this nation, they are evangelizing and planting churches among the Hausa people (the main people group in Niger). To accomplish this, they are doing a number of tasks, including:

- Evangelism in the villages

- Visiting churches that have already been established in almost 20 villages to strengthen these local churches

- Training new believers in the Bible school in the city of Maradi

- Training future pastors in the pastors school

- Overseeing literacy training in the villages

- Running a local elementary school in the city of Maradi

- Providing material relief and famine relief as it is often needed in this poor country.

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November 2016
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