September 2008

John 16:5-11 Chart

The World’s Idea of Sin, Righteousness and Judgment (The False Idea)
•No such thing as sin
•Sin is no big deal – only surface foibles
• We love God more than our ‘sin’
•We are truly righteous
•We are good compared to other people, especially really bad people like Hitler
•God is love – He will never judge
•On judgment day I have some questions for God – I will judge Him!
The World’s Actual State of Sin, Righteousness and Judgment (The Reality)
•Sin is real and will be judged
• Sin is at the core of who we are
• We reject Jesus to keep our sin
•We lack real righteousness
•Christ is the true standard of righteousness

•God is also holy – and He will judge!
•Satan – the ruler of this world – has already been judged
The Cure for the World’s Situation
•Admit the depth of our sin
•Repent and turn to Christ, begging mercy
•Admit our righteousness is as filthy rags to God
•Forsake our righteousness and ask Christ for His
•Admit we are worthy of being condemned
•Plead with God for mercy in Christ