Should I Act Humble When I Don't Feel Like It?

How do I respond in humility to help someone if I do not feel like doing so? Isn’t my own purity of motives important? If I act humble when I am not, isn't that hypocrisy?

It is clear that God wants our attitudes and desires to match up with our actions. We are not only called to right actions, we are called to desire the right and do it with a proper attitude.

However, this does not mean that when our attitude or desires are not proper that we do not serve others in humility until we can get our attitude and desires right. Remember, Paul defines humility as being more concerned about the needs of others and acting in that manner. Thus, even if we do not “feel” humble, we can act humble by serving others in love. As we do so, we ask God to change our hearts, causing them to line up with his, and trusting tht as we obey Him He will do this.