Sovereignty of God

Ichabod - The Glory Is Gone

People often superstitiously believe that they can guarantee God’s favor and protection through external rituals, but His favor is only received through genuine faith. Read More...

When Anarchy Reigned

The fundamental problem for all humans is our rejection of the reign of God, preferring to do what is right in our own eyes, which leads to chaos and curse rather than God’s blessing. Read More...

Facing A New Year In Faith

We are called to live for that which endures - things which have been passed down for generations, and which should be passed on to generations to come.  But we live in a world of perpetual novelty, which is dominated by the trendy and the trivial, and is often disdainful of that which has gone before. Read More...

In the Valley of Tears

When suffering comes into our lives, it is hard to see God’s purposes accurately, but He will bring us through the valley of tears. Read More...

Divine Sovereignty and Human Responsibility

Theme: The book of Ruth shows a God Who is Sovereign over all things, and people who respond to this fact with great initiative and hard work.

Text: Ruth 1:22-2:3; 4:13

Reading: Philippians 2:5-13

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God's Providence

The book of Ruth is a showcase of God’s providence, his ongoing and intimate relationship with his creation. Read More...

The Rebel Runs From God

Jonah was called to proclaim God’s word to the city of Nineveh, but he rebelled and tried to flee from God and His call, but God relentlessly pursued him and even the sailors whose lives Jonah endangered by his rebellion. Read More...

Living as Citizens of Two Kingdoms

Christians are citizens of the common kingdom because they are humans, but they are also citizens of the redemptive kingdom because they have been born again in Christ, and they must never confuse or merge these kingdoms. Read More...

Giving Caesar His Due

Government has been given by God as part of the common kingdom of man to promote justice and maintain order, and Christians are called to pray for and submit to their government whenever possible. Read More...

The Lord of the Rings - Understanding Sphere Sovereignty

God is the Sovereign Lord over every sphere of life and culture, and has given unique calls, gifts, and responsibilities to each sphere, which must not be infringed upon by other spheres. Read More...

A Tale of Two Kingdoms (Pt. 2)

After the fall, God instituted a distinction between the kingdom of man, the realm of common grace ruled through general revelation, and the kingdom of God, the realm of saving grace ruled through special revelation. Read More...

A Tale of Two Kingdoms (Pt. 1)

After the fall, God instituted a distinction between the kingdom of man, the realm of common grace ruled through general revelation, and the kingdom of God, the realm of saving grace ruled through special revelation, in order to preserve the human race and redeem His people. Read More...

Every Square Inch

Jesus Christ is the risen and exalted Lord over all things, ruling every square inch of the universe for God’s glory. Read More...

Who is God?

Catechism Question 16

Who is God?

God's Chosen Exile People

God’s chosen people live as exiles in this world, but are sustained by the covenant grace and peace of the Father, Son, and Spirit. Read More...

The Lord and the gods of this World

By His Sovereignty over history, Yahweh shows He is the only True God, and the only One worthy of our trust, worship, and life. Read More...

Comfort for God's People

Our God is the Self-sufficient, Inexhaustible Ruler of the universe, and He has promised to deliver His people who expectantly wait on Him. Read More...

Hezekiah's Faith - Assyria Falling

Those who trust God and His Word will find His deliverance and protection, while those who defiantly reject it will fall. Read More...

Yahweh - The Name of Our Covenant God

God’s covenant name of Yahweh reveals that the self-existent, holy
One has graciously entered into covenant with His people. Read More...

God's Sovereignty Over Human History

God rules over the affairs of human history, working all things out for the purity and good of His people.

The Founding of the Church at Phillipi (Part 2)

God sovereignly works by His Spirit to draw people from all backgrounds to Himself, and to sustain our joy even in times of suffering. Read More...

The Absolute Supremacy of God

God is supreme over all things; the universe exists for His pleasure. Read More...

God's Eternal Plan

History is overseen by God, Who is bringing all things to pass according to His eternal Sovereign will and plan. Read More...

Ephesus: The Loveless Church

The church must test all teaching and reject false teachers, but it must also remain fervent in love for God and people. Read More...

Smyrna: The Persecuted Church

The church must be faithful, even when persecuted and killed, knowing that God is Sovereign and eternal life awaits His people. Read More...
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