Salvation & Deliverance

The True Nature of Freedom

Christ came to give us true freedom, the ability to be who we were created to be – the image of God, serving others in love. Read More...

The Glorious Gospel

The Gospel is the glorious news of God’s saving grace, and it shows us how Christ saves us from our sin and is received by faith alone, apart from our works. Read More...

The Restoration of Community

The possibility of true community with God and one another is restored in Christ and may be experienced in His people, the Church.

Great Expectations - We Will Return Home

The great expectation that our deep sense of alienation and exile from our true home would one day be removed is fulfilled in Jesus Christ. Read More...

Our Past - Walking Dead To God

All of us by nature were walking dead to God in our sin, but He has made His people alive to God in Christ. Read More...

Fullness In Christ

Christians have been given a full salvation - our sins forgiven, our enemies vanquished, and our sinful nature effectively dealt with - through Jesus, Who is the fulness of God. Read More...

The Great Exchange

Christ took our sins and gave us His righteousness so that it is just as if we had never sinned, and just as if we had kept the Law. Read More...

A Great Reconciliation In Christ

We were once alienated from God by our sin, but Christ has provided reconciliation for all who believe in Him through the Gospel. Read More...

Second Chance

God through his grace has justified us and forgiven us our sins, giving each of us a second chance. Read More...

Hope Rekindled

The Valley of Tears has become fields of food, family and hope. Read More...

Restoration Through A Kinsman-Redeemer

God works to restore us through the work of a kinsman redeemer, a close relative who protects and provides for us. Read More...

The God of Restoration

The Lord is a God Who delights to restore what has been lost because of Satan, the world, and even sin. Read More...

A Rebel Sent to Rebels

God sends flawed rebel servants like Jonah and us to proclaim His Word to rebels who do not know Him so that they might turn to Him and be saved. Read More...

The Rebel Prays

Jonah’s prayer of thanksgiving from inside the fish is a model of crying out to God with His Word, but it also reveals Jonah’s lack of personal repentance and his lack of compassion for the lost. Read More...

The Rebel Runs From God

Jonah was called to proclaim God’s word to the city of Nineveh, but he rebelled and tried to flee from God and His call, but God relentlessly pursued him and even the sailors whose lives Jonah endangered by his rebellion. Read More...

The Superiority of Promise Over Law

Theme: The law is inferior to God’s promise and therefore we should look to God in faith, rather than relying on the law.

Text: Galatians 3:15-25

Reading: Romans 4:13-17

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Dead to the Law but Alive to God

We have died to the law but become alive to God, living a new life by faith in Christ. Read More...

It is Finished

Text: Matthew 27:50-54; John 19:28-30

The Unchanging Nature of the Gospel

The Gospel provides the only path to salvation, and it can never be altered. Read More...

The Spirit and the World

The Spirit has been sent to convict the world of sin, righteousness, and judgment, so that it may be drawn to Christ. Read More...

Take Refuge In Christ

Refuge and security for eternity can be found only in Christ. Read More...

What God Demands - And Gives

God demands that I be perfect in holiness, love and integrity - and He gives this to me through Christ. Read More...

The Limits of Water Baptism

Water baptism does not remove original sin, or produce regeneration or justification, but it is the sign that these things have been already done by God and received by faith alone. Read More...

Created To Glorify and Enjoy God Forever

Why did God create humans?  To glorify God and enjoy Him forever. Read More...

Invitation to the Feast

God invites us to turn from the idols of this world which can never really satisfy, and to come to Him and receive that which fully satisfies the hunger and thirst of our souls. Read More...

Comfort for God's People

Our God is the Self-sufficient, Inexhaustible Ruler of the universe, and He has promised to deliver His people who expectantly wait on Him. Read More...

Hezekiah’s Folly - Babylon Rising

Hezekiah’s folly and pride sealed the downfall of his people, but Christ’s wise obedience seals blessing for God’s people. Read More...

Hezekiah's Faith - Assyria Falling

Those who trust God and His Word will find His deliverance and protection, while those who defiantly reject it will fall. Read More...

Yahweh Raphe - The Lord the Healer

God’s name Yahweh Raphe - the Lord the Healer - speaks of God’s provision to heal and deliver His people from sin and all its effects in the curse. Read More...

Yahweh Rohi - The Lord Our Shepherd

Do I know the Lord as my Shepherd well enough to place my complete trust in him for my life? Read More...

Yahweh NIssi - The Lord My Banner

God's name Yahweh-Nissi - the Lord my Banner - speaks of God's provision to deliver His people from their true enemies. Read More...

Yahweh Tsidkenu - The Lord Our Righteousness

God is Yahweh-Tsidkenu - the One who defines, fulfills, and imputes righteousness to His people through Jesus, and then begins to produce righteous fruit in them by His Spirit. Read More...

Finding Refuge in the Name of the Lord

God's Name reveals that He is a tower of refuge and protection for His people, while others place their trust in vain imaginations. Read More...

The Day of Redemption for the Nations

Although the day of the Lord is a day of judgment for the nations that have rejected God, He is calling a remnant from every nation to be part of His people. Read More...

The Day of the Lord for the Nations

Just as God appointed a day to judge Babylon, so there will be a day when every human will stand before God - either clothed in their own sin or in the righteousness of Christ. Read More...

Christ and the Judges

Christ is the fulfillment of the judges, the ones who God sent to deliver His people from bondage to turn them to Him. Read More...

The Sign of Immanuel - God With Us

God's promise to be with us, which was typified by many people and events in the Old Testament, is ultimately fulfilled in Jesus Christ, who is Immanuel, God with us. Read More...

In the Valley of Decision: Where is Your Trust?

Believers are faced with a decision of where to place their trust - in God, His Promise and His Kingdom, or in the kingdoms of this world. Read More...

The Grand Arraignment

Through Isaiah, God is bringing a covenant lawsuit against His people, exposing their sin, announcing their punishment, and offering forgiveness and reconciliation if they will repent. Read More...

The Call of Isaiah - Part 1 - His Vision

Isaiah was given a revelation of God’s glory and holiness, which revealed his own weakness and sin, and then he received atonement from God. Read More...

Isaiah - The Man, His Times, and His MInistry

Isaiah was a man called by God to apply God’s Word to the turbulent times in which he lived, and to call God’s people to behold God and live with hope in the midst of uncertain and difficult days. Read More...

The Good News of Holy Week

Christ’s actions during Holy Week - His death, burial, and bodily
resurrection, bring salvation to all who truly believe.

Thanksgiving - From Wailing to Dancing

The palms of thanksgiving show God’s people giving Him thanks for delivering them when they cried out in distress.

Is the Baptism in the Holy Spirit a "Second Blessing"?

The baptism in the Holy Spirit, while theologically distinct from regeneration and justification, occurs at the same time -- when we become believers in Christ. Read More...

What Happens When We Are Baptized in the Holy Spirit?

When we were baptized in the Holy Spirit, we were initiated into the New Covenant, placed into the Church, given spiritual gifts, and empowered to be Christ’s witnesses. Read More...

Dead or Alive?

God showed us mercy while we were dead in our trespasses and sins, by making us alive, by raising us up, and by seating us together with Christ; so that, we might walk in those good works God has prepared for us. Read More...

The Spirit of Creation and Redemption

The Spirit was active in both our creation and redemption, and in His ongoing work in our lives He is restoring God's original intent for creation and our place within it. Read More...

What It Means to be a Disciple

A disciple is one who recognizes their sin, receives the forgiveness offered in Christ, and lives a life of worship and service in the context of a local community of believers. Read More...

Confession is Good for the Soul

The blessing of total forgiveness by God awaits those who confess their sins and turn to Christ in faith.

The Supremacy of the Gospel Through Suffering

In a world wrecked by turmoil and suffering, our Heavenly Father has revealed the Gospel to comfort and carry us to the place of worship. Read More...

Who's Your Master

You cannot continue to sin, because of your unity with Christ, which has brought you a new life no longer under the power of sin. Read More...

Our Confidence in Christ: Holding on to the Gospel

The continental divide of life is where we place our confidence – ourselves and our own righteousness, or Christ and His righteousness. Read More...

The Power of the Glorious Gospel

We should not be ashamed of the Gospel, for it is God's power to save those who believe. Read More...

The Gospel of God's Grace

God's grace has come to us in Christ, and it saves those who believe, and enables them to live a life distinct from the world and in conformity to God's character. Read More...

Our Redemption in Christ (God's Saving Grace)

Salvation from sin comes by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone. Read More...

Our Authentic Inheritance in Christ

All Christians enjoy the forgiveness of sins, know God, and have overcome Satan. Read More...

All In: The Joy of a God-Centered Life

A life that is centered on glorifying God is full of joy, because God is supremely worthy and it is why we were created. Read More...

All In: The Church As Community

Jesus calls us to resist the spirit of greed, being content, trusting God’s faithfulness rather than money, and generously Read More...

The Work of Mission:Evangelism and Mercy Ministry

Our mission includes both evangelism and mercy ministry, meeting both the spiritual and physical needs of people.   Read More...

A Holy Response to the Word of God

God’s holy people receive the Gospel as the Word of God rather than a human teaching, but those who reject it remain under God’s wrath. Read More...

True Freedom

True freedom - the ability to live as God created us - is found only in Christ. Read More...

Sola Gratia - Saved Because of Grace Alone

Sin has corrupted humans so thoroughly that we can only be saved because of grace - God’s undeserved merciful kindness and favor - alone.

Solus Christus - Saved By Christ Alone

The exclusivity and sufficiency of Christ’s sacrifice is the only ground for our righteousness. Read More...
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