Great Commission

Lee Short

Lee Short shares about the ministry in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and throughout the Spanish speaking world. Read More...

Building Up the Church of God

Garey discusses his vision for RCC and how God is strategically calling RCC to be sent forth by BRCC to fulfill the mission God has given to them. Read More...

The Great Claim, The Great Commission, The Great Comfort

As disciples of Christ we respond to the great commission by the power of Christ and the comfort that He gives.

International Christian Concern

This week we were blessed to have Phil Sabella from International Christian Concern. He shared with us about the persecuted church and other things that ICC is involved with. Read More...

The Heartbeat of Missions:Worship

The heartbeat of missions is a desire to see God worshipped by people from every tribe and language. Read More...

The Call of Mission:Compassion for the Lost and Suffering

We are called to mission by compassion for the ones who are suffering in this life and perishing without the Gospel Read More...

The Mission In Cambodia:The McClures

The McClures visited with us to speak about the work that God is doing in Cambodia through them.    Read More...

The Basis of Mission:God's Heart for the Nation

The basis of mission is God’s desire for the nations, which is a driving concern throughout all Scripture.     Read More...

The Work of Mission:Evangelism and Mercy Ministry

Our mission includes both evangelism and mercy ministry, meeting both the spiritual and physical needs of people.   Read More...

The Barriers To Mission: The Jonah Cycle

The same improper beliefs and attitude that afflicted Jonah also prevent Christian from joining God on mission to reach the world.  Read More...

The Goal of Mission:A Church for Every People Group

God has exalted His only Son as King over all. And God has ordained that all of mankind worship the King. Because there is only one King, there is only one church comprised of people groups that are distinct yet not divisible. Read More...

The Unfinished Task of Mission:The Unreached Peoples

To fulfill the Great Commission, we must give special emphasis to reaching those people groups that do not have access to the Gospel at present. Read More...

The Strategy of Mission:From Here to the Ends of the Earth

Our mission strategy is to be empowered by the Spirit for involvement and support in evangelism and mercy ministry, at home and abroad, to both reached and unreached people groups. Read More...

The Price of Mission:Suffering and Sacrifice

God calls His people to suffer and sacrifice in order to penetrate new areas with the Gospel. Read More...

The Call To Mission:How You Can Be Involved

Every Christian is called to be part of God’s global mission, radically going out with the Gospel, and radically sending others to do the same. Read More...

LSMI 2017 Visit

Lee Short spoke to us about how we are obligated to share the Gospel of Christ with those around us. He also shared with us about the work they are currently doing in Mexico and other places.

ANM 2017 Visit

Today we are blessed to hear from a representative of Advancing Native Missions on behalf of our missionary stationed in Indonesia. We will be taking up a love offering after the teachings.


Damir Spoljaric - Visiting Missionary

This Sunday we will be blessed to hear from Damir Spoljaric, our missionary in Croatia.

To Listen to the teaching click [Here]

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