Jesus Is the Resurrection and the Life

Jesus is the resurrection and the life, the One who has conquered death and offers eternal life to everyone who believes in Him. Read More...

Unchained Through Restoration

The Gospel of God’s grace restores our relationship with God, and it calls us to act as Christ would to see relationships restored with others as well. Read More...

Unchained By Grace

The Gospel of God’s grace releases us from our chains of sin, and sets us free to live in the peace of God - no matter our circumstances.

The Glorious Gospel

The Gospel is the glorious news of God’s saving grace, and it shows us how Christ saves us from our sin and is received by faith alone, apart from our works. Read More...

Finding Joy In the Gospel

How do we as the people of God in the midst of struggles find joy in the Gospel? Read More...

A Christlike Life and Community

As those who have been given new life in Christ, believers must put on the virtues that reflect the character of God shown to us in Christ, and they must walk in unity with the Church. Read More...

Fullness In Christ

Christians have been given a full salvation - our sins forgiven, our enemies vanquished, and our sinful nature effectively dealt with - through Jesus, Who is the fulness of God. Read More...

A Growing Walk In Christ

Having received Jesus Christ as Lord, we are called to have a flourishing, growing walk with Him. Read More...

The Great Exchange

Christ took our sins and gave us His righteousness so that it is just as if we had never sinned, and just as if we had kept the Law. Read More...

A Great Reconciliation In Christ

We were once alienated from God by our sin, but Christ has provided reconciliation for all who believe in Him through the Gospel. Read More...

A Fruitful Life Through the Gospel of Christ

The Gospel of Christ has the power to grow and bear fruit in the lives of believers so that they are filled with faith, love, hope, and good works. Read More...

Gospel Fruit

As we respond to the Gospel with faith, love, and hope in Christ, it produces a harvest of work and endurance for God and His kingdom as we look forward to Christ’s return. Read More...

A Thriving Outreach

A look at the outreach of the church to Gentiles. Read More...

A Thriving Union

As Paul learned on the road to Damascus, we thrive not through our own righteousness, but because we have a vital unity with Christ and His Church. Read More...

Thriving By the Power of the Gospel

The Church exists because of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And, the primary means by which it continues to thrive is the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Read More...

The Centrality of Christ

Christ is central to the Gospel and true life, and we must proclaim Him as Paul did. Read More...

Heirs of God Through Christ

Through Christ, believers are the heirs of all God’s covenant blessings. Read More...

The Blessings of Faith

Through faith in Christ we are redeemed from the curse and receive all of the blessings of God. Read More...

Justification by Faith Alone

God declares us to be righteous, not because of our works, but because of the work of Christ in our behalf, which we receive through faith alone. Read More...

Paul, Peter, and Justification by Faith Alone

Paul had to rebuke Peter at Antioch because his actions were undercutting the heart of the Gospel of justification by faith alone. Read More...

Paul and the Other Apostles

Paul and the other Apostles were united in their understanding of the Gospel and supported one another in their call. Read More...

It is Finished

Text: Matthew 27:50-54; John 19:28-30

Paul - Apostle to the Gentiles

Paul was called as an Apostle to the Gentiles, and as such speaks with the full authority of Jesus Himself. Read More...

The Divine Nature of the Gospel

The Gospel of justification by faith alone was not of human origin, but was revealed by God directly to Paul. Read More...

The Unchanging Nature of the Gospel

The Gospel provides the only path to salvation, and it can never be altered. Read More...

Living Hope Through the Resurrection of Jesus

The resurrection of Jesus gives a living hope for troubled times for all those who are reborn through Him. Read More...

Provision - Financial Giving and Church Planting

In the New Covenant, believers freely give finances in response to God’s grace, in order to support the work and growth of the church. Read More...

Our Great Redemption in Christ

Redemption and forgiveness of sins is found only in the death of Christ, because of the grace of God. Read More...

Take Refuge In Christ

Refuge and security for eternity can be found only in Christ. Read More...

Moses and Christ - Law and Grace

Christ came to reveal the fulness of grace, and we live by grace, not law. Read More...

The Call, Christians, and Culture

Our primary identity comes from God’s call placing us into Christ, but He has also given each of us individual calls - a particular mixture of desires, gifts, talents, responsibilities, relationships, and opportunities that we receive from God and develop and nurture throughout life to allow each of us love and serve God and our neighbor. Read More...

What God Demands - And Gives

God demands that I be perfect in holiness, love and integrity - and He gives this to me through Christ. Read More...

Guilt, Grace, and Gratitude - The Gospel and Its Fruit

To be part of God's people I must know how great my sin is, how God has delivered me from my sin and misery through Jesus Christ, and how I can show my gratitude to God for delivering me. Read More...

Christ's Resurrection and Our Salvation

Christ's resurrection is the basis of our salvation, so that we can rejoice in what has come to us entirely by grace. Read More...

The Limits of Water Baptism

Water baptism does not remove original sin, or produce regeneration or justification, but it is the sign that these things have been already done by God and received by faith alone. Read More...

Invitation to the Feast

God invites us to turn from the idols of this world which can never really satisfy, and to come to Him and receive that which fully satisfies the hunger and thirst of our souls. Read More...

Suffering Servant, Exalted King

Jesus, the Servant of the Lord, suffered and died for our sins, is now exalted as King, and offers life to us. Read More...

The Servant of the Lord

Jesus the Messiah, the True Servant of the Lord, has brought God’s justice and gentle mercy to the people of the whole world. Read More...

The Sign of Immanuel - God With Us

God's promise to be with us, which was typified by many people and events in the Old Testament, is ultimately fulfilled in Jesus Christ, who is Immanuel, God with us. Read More...

The Good News of Holy Week

Christ’s actions during Holy Week - His death, burial, and bodily
resurrection, bring salvation to all who truly believe.

Seeing Christ in the Psalms

Christ is the central figure of the book of Psalms, and in its pages we see the grand picture of His life, death, and resurrection.

Dead or Alive?

God showed us mercy while we were dead in our trespasses and sins, by making us alive, by raising us up, and by seating us together with Christ; so that, we might walk in those good works God has prepared for us. Read More...

The Kingdom of God

How often do we argue the finer points of scripture with individuals who may never see the Kingdom of God. We need to learn to major in the majors and minor in the minors. Read More...

Confession is Good for the Soul

The blessing of total forgiveness by God awaits those who confess their sins and turn to Christ in faith.

The Supremacy of the Gospel Through Suffering

In a world wrecked by turmoil and suffering, our Heavenly Father has revealed the Gospel to comfort and carry us to the place of worship. Read More...

The Centrality of Christ and His Gospel

The central issue of true life is Christ and His Gospel, which give us life and should be central in our thought and existence. Read More...

The Call to Live in Community

Paul urges believers to walk in community so that they can stand for the Gospel in the face of opposition. Read More...

Our Confidence in Christ: Holding on to the Gospel

The continental divide of life is where we place our confidence – ourselves and our own righteousness, or Christ and His righteousness. Read More...

The Power of the Glorious Gospel

We should not be ashamed of the Gospel, for it is God's power to save those who believe. Read More...

Messiah of the Outcast

Jesus the Messiah was anointed with God's Spirit to proclaim the Good News to outcasts. Read More...

The Heart of Christmas

Christ came to give glory to God and peace to man. Read More...

Easter - The Heart of the Gospel

The literal, physical death, burial and resurrection of Christ were observed by many witnesses, and their reality is the heart of the Gospel and our faith. Read More...

The Pure Gospel vs. Corrupt Teachings

True purity comes by believing the Gospel; and those who do not believe and embrace false teachings corrupt everything they do and touch. Read More...

Lives Worthy of the Gospel

God calls believers to live lives that agree with the truth of the Gospel and draw others to Christ. Read More...

The Gospel of God's Grace

God's grace has come to us in Christ, and it saves those who believe, and enables them to live a life distinct from the world and in conformity to God's character. Read More...

Good Citizens & Neighbors Through The Gospel

God calls and empowers us through the Gospel to be good citizens and neighbors, and displaying faith through good works. Read More...

A Fruitful Life Devoted to Good Works

The Gospel causes us to live productive and fruitful lives, devoted to good works and helping others. Read More...

Introducing the Authentic Word of Life

Authentic faith is built upon Jesus, the True Word of Life, is proclaimed in the Gospel, and produces fellowship and full joy as we walk with God and His people.

The Work of Mission:Evangelism and Mercy Ministry

Our mission includes both evangelism and mercy ministry, meeting both the spiritual and physical needs of people.   Read More...

A Holy Prayer of Thanks

Christian should express thankfulness for God’s blessings and the people in their lives. Read More...

Applying the Gospel

We must practice the habit of preaching the gospel to ourselves.

Equipped for Spiritual Warfare

Through Christ and the Gospel God has equipped us with everything we need for spiritual warfare as we draw our strength from Him.

Sola Gratia - Saved Because of Grace Alone

Sin has corrupted humans so thoroughly that we can only be saved because of grace - God’s undeserved merciful kindness and favor - alone.

Soli Deo Gloria - Glory To God Alone

Scripture teaches we are saved on account of God’s grace alone, through the work of Christ alone, which is accessed by faith alone, so that the glory for our salvation might be to God alone. Read More...

Christian Moral Formation

Christian moral formation is the lifelong process of putting off sins, putting on Christlike virtues and being renewed so our thoughts and desires are like Christ. Read More...
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