Evangelism & Missions

ANM Guest Speaker

We had two guest speakers from Advancing Native Missions to speak to us about the work of Himalayan Inland Mission in Uttaranchal Pradesh, India.   Read More...

K.K. Devaraj With Bombay Teen Challenge

K.K. Devaraj is the founder of Bombay Teen Challenge, one of the missionaries we support. BTC rescues girls and children from prostitution in the red-light district in Mumbai, India. Read More...

Lee Short

Lee Short shares about the ministry in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and throughout the Spanish speaking world. Read More...

Another Link In the Chain

The church, strengthened by the grace of God, must make sure to pass the faith on from generation to generation. Read More...

Contextualizing Without Conforming

We are called to engage our current culture, contextualizing the Gospel so that it will be accessible to our friends, but we must be aware of the unique but ever present dangers that come with each culture, age and technology, understanding the world will always try to seduce our hearts away from Christ and the Gospel.

Praying For the World To Believe

Christians should pray and work to be unified and to see the Gospel spread so that the world might believe in Jesus. Read More...

Rich and Ginger Jorgensen

Rich and Ginger Jorgensen share about what God is doing through them in Niger, Africa. Read More...

Praying For God To Be Glorified and Known

The foremost concern in our prayers should be that God would be glorified and known. Read More...

UnCommon Boldness In Prayer

Note: We are sorry, but the audio does not contain the first part of this teaching. Please click the teaching outline below to see the information covered in the first part of the teaching.

Theme: God desires for our prayers to be filled with bold requests for blessing, that others would come to know Him, from here to the farthest part of the earth. Read More...

Missional Brotherhood - The Mission

Paul Foster Jr. preaches part 1 of the men's conference "Missional Brotherhood" - the mission. Read More...

Called To the Church

When Christ calls us through the Gospel, He calls us into local churches where we can be protected, strengthened and equipped by those whom Christ has saved and called to be leaders in the church. NOTE: THE LAST 20 MINUTES IS AN ORDINATION CEREMONY. Read More...

Ed Lyons - Persecution Project

Ed Lyons of Persecution Project Foundation shares with Bay Ridge Christian Church about the persecution of Christians in Sudan.

Our Past - Walking Dead To God

All of us by nature were walking dead to God in our sin, but He has made His people alive to God in Christ. Read More...

Christ Filled Prayer and Evangelism

A Christ filed life is one devoted to prayer and to seeing the Gospel go forth, making the most of the opportunities God gives us to share His good news. Read More...

Finding Joy In the Gospel

How do we as the people of God in the midst of struggles find joy in the Gospel? Read More...

Bill Ardill

Bill Ardill shares about their ministry in Jos, Nigeria.

Roger and Marilyn Reeck

This week Roger and Marilyn Reeck from Wycliffe Bible Translators share about their work in Bible translation, and especially about an exciting new project called One Story that creates stories to explain the story of the Bible to oral cultures that do not have the Scripture in their own language. Read More...

Mike and Marsha Slone

Mike Slone shares with BRCC about the work God is doing through them at the Naval Academy and beyond. Read More...

Thriving Through Persecution

God is on a mission to glorify the name of His Son, Jesus.  There are times that God has chosen to use persecution to ensure that the gospel of His Son goes forth and that His Church thrives. Read More...

A Thriving Outreach

A look at the outreach of the church to Gentiles. Read More...

A Thriving Power

A thriving church must be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit to know and accomplish God's call. Read More...

A Thriving Mission

A thriving, growing church understands that our mission propels us into all the world - from our local area to the farthest corners of the globe. Read More...

Lee and Carol Short

Lee Short shares about the ministry of LSMI in Mexico and around the world. Read More...

A Divine Confidence

Because of God’s love, every person who has confessed Christ as Lord has been given a Divine confidence of salvation from God. This Divine confidence is seen in our love for God and our fellow man. Read More...

Rebel Without A Cause

Jonah’s unrepentant rebellion regarding God’s mercy towards the Ninevites (‘sinners’ whom Jonah does not think deserve mercy) comes to the surface in this final chapter, but God in His grace continues to pursue the rebellious prophet to the end. Read More...

Rich and Ginger Jorgensen

Rich and Ginger share about their ministry in Niger, West Africa. Read More...

A Rebel Sent to Rebels

God sends flawed rebel servants like Jonah and us to proclaim His Word to rebels who do not know Him so that they might turn to Him and be saved. Read More...

The Rebel Prays

Jonah’s prayer of thanksgiving from inside the fish is a model of crying out to God with His Word, but it also reveals Jonah’s lack of personal repentance and his lack of compassion for the lost. Read More...

The Rebel Runs From God

Jonah was called to proclaim God’s word to the city of Nineveh, but he rebelled and tried to flee from God and His call, but God relentlessly pursued him and even the sailors whose lives Jonah endangered by his rebellion. Read More...

BRCC's Vision and Church Planting

BRCC is called to glorify God by building and planting local churches that are biblically based, Christ centered, caring communities, seeking to know Christ and make Him known. Read More...

Building Up the Church of God

Garey discusses his vision for RCC and how God is strategically calling RCC to be sent forth by BRCC to fulfill the mission God has given to them. Read More...

The Power of Radical Commitment to Church Planting

God calls all of us to be part of church planting, either as radical supporters or radical planting team members. Read More...

Church Planting and the Power of Prayer

The Church moves forward only by the power of the Holy Spirit, and our connection to the Spirit is based upon the power of our prayer life. Read More...

Planting Churches by the Power of the Spirit

To plant churches and spread the light of the Gospel into areas under the influence of Satan, we must be full of the power of the Holy Spirit. Read More...

Called To Be A Witness

Everyone who is in Christ and filled with the power of the Holy Spirit has been called to be a witness to our risen Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Read More...

The Great Claim, The Great Commission, The Great Comfort

As disciples of Christ we respond to the great commission by the power of Christ and the comfort that He gives.

Ministry in Jails and Prisons

Chaplain Chase Wood shares about the ministry at the local detention centers. Read More...

The Mission of God

God calls His pilgrim people to go forth, promising to bless them so that they can be a blessing to others. Read More...

Rich and Ginger Jorgenson

Rich, Ginger, and Philip work in Muslim villages in Niger, West Africa. Read More...

Commissioned by God

We have been commissioned and empowered by God to go forth and make disciples, baptizing and teaching them the fullness of the faith. Read More...

Roger & Marilyn Reeck

Roger & Marilyn Reeck, Wycliffe Bible Translators, have been working with Wycliffe for almost 30 years.

The Call of Isaiah - Part 2 - His Commissioning

Like Isaiah, we are commissioned to speak God’s truth, and the measure of success is faithfulness to the truth, not the response of the hearers. Read More...

The Struggle Between Islam and Christ

Jesus is the True Shepherd Who brings abundant life, and He calls us to reach out to those trapped and oppressed by the thief. Read More...

God's Heart for Crisis Pregnancies

God has a heart of compassion towards crisis pregnancies, both for the unborn child and the woman. Read More...

The Spirit and Jesus

The Spirit has been sent by Jesus to testify to Christ, and to enable us to point others to Jesus as well.

Mexico 2008 Mission Trip Report

This Sunday, our short-term missionaries who have returned from Lee & Carol Short’s ministry in Vallarta, Mexico, will be sharing their experiences and testimonies. Read More...

The Kingdom of God

How often do we argue the finer points of scripture with individuals who may never see the Kingdom of God. We need to learn to major in the majors and minor in the minors. Read More...

Testimonies of Girls from Bombay Teen Challenge

This file contains songs and testimonies from a number of girls and women who have been rescued by the Bombay Teen Challenge ministry.  Many of them had been involved in the sex slave trade or were abused by their parents.
Please note that the file contains periods of time when the girls were doing dances, and also when a woman is speaking and another translating.
Click here to download

Youseff Ouramane - International Christian Concern

Youseff Ouramane shares about God's work in Algeria.

Lee Short Ministries

Lee Short Ministries

Click here to download

Joy in the Journey (Part 1): Proclaiming Christ

Despite very difficult personal circumstances, Paul is filled with joy because Christ is being proclaimed. Read More...

Partners in Gospel Ministry

As Paul remembers the Philippians, he is filled with thanksgiving and joy because of their close partnership with him in the Gospel, and confidence because of God’s sustaining grace. Read More...

The Founding of the Church at Phillipi (Part 2)

God sovereignly works by His Spirit to draw people from all backgrounds to Himself, and to sustain our joy even in times of suffering. Read More...

The Navigators

Mike Sloan speaks about his ministry with the Navigators at the Naval Academy. Read More...

Roger and Marilyn Reeck

Wycliffe Bible Translators

Lives Worthy of the Gospel

God calls believers to live lives that agree with the truth of the Gospel and draw others to Christ. Read More...

Disciples and the World

The disciple understands and embraces their role in blessing the nations of the world. Read More...

Report on 2007 Missions Trip to Niger

Report on 2007 Missions Trip to NIger

Gracia Burnham

This morning we would like to welcome our special guest speaker, Gracia Burnham. Gracia will be sharing her testimony as a missionary in the Philippines. Read More...

Gatehouse Ministries

This week Pierce & Ruth Ostrander will be sharing about Gatehouse Ministries and their role there during the next year. Read More...

Rich Jorgensen

Rich and Jorgensen, missionaries our church supports in Niger, shared this morning. Read More...

Blessed - To Be A Blessing

God calls His people to be conduits of His blessing, so that the whole earth might know and praise God. Read More...

Missionary Focus Week - Rich and Ginger Jorgensen

Rich and Ginger Jorgensen share about their ministry in Niger, Africa Read More...

The Heartbeat of Missions:Worship

The heartbeat of missions is a desire to see God worshipped by people from every tribe and language. Read More...

The Call of Mission:Compassion for the Lost and Suffering

We are called to mission by compassion for the ones who are suffering in this life and perishing without the Gospel Read More...

The Mission In Cambodia:The McClures

The McClures visited with us to speak about the work that God is doing in Cambodia through them.    Read More...

The Basis of Mission:God's Heart for the Nation

The basis of mission is God’s desire for the nations, which is a driving concern throughout all Scripture.     Read More...

The Work of Mission:Evangelism and Mercy Ministry

Our mission includes both evangelism and mercy ministry, meeting both the spiritual and physical needs of people.   Read More...

The Barriers To Mission: The Jonah Cycle

The same improper beliefs and attitude that afflicted Jonah also prevent Christian from joining God on mission to reach the world.  Read More...

The Goal of Mission:A Church for Every People Group

God has exalted His only Son as King over all. And God has ordained that all of mankind worship the King. Because there is only one King, there is only one church comprised of people groups that are distinct yet not divisible. Read More...

The Unfinished Task of Mission:The Unreached Peoples

To fulfill the Great Commission, we must give special emphasis to reaching those people groups that do not have access to the Gospel at present. Read More...

The Strategy of Mission:From Here to the Ends of the Earth

Our mission strategy is to be empowered by the Spirit for involvement and support in evangelism and mercy ministry, at home and abroad, to both reached and unreached people groups. Read More...

The Price of Mission:Suffering and Sacrifice

God calls His people to suffer and sacrifice in order to penetrate new areas with the Gospel. Read More...

The Call To Mission:How You Can Be Involved

Every Christian is called to be part of God’s global mission, radically going out with the Gospel, and radically sending others to do the same. Read More...

The Ministry of Mercy

We are called by God’s Law to show mercy to the poor and vulnerable because they are the image of God, and He promises to bless those who obey this call. Read More...

A Holy People

The church is a holy people who have been chosen by God, given a mission, and are sustained and inspired by our hope in the return of Jesus Christ. Read More...

ANM 2017 Visit

Today we are blessed to hear from a representative of Advancing Native Missions on behalf of our missionary stationed in Indonesia. We will be taking up a love offering after the teachings.

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