Church In The iWorld

Series Outline For The Church In the iWorld

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Living A Blessed Life In The iWorld

The blessed life for which we were created is not found in the technology of the iWorld and the glow of its screens, but in the Presence of God and real human relationships. Read More...

Real Relationships In A Cyberspace World

We were created for real, physical, face to face relationships, but the iWorld encourages relationships mediated by various forms of technology. Read More...

Community In An Individualistic World

We are called to community, serving one another and putting the needs of the community ahead of our own, but the iWorld encourages radical individualism. Read More...

Restrained In An Indulgent World

Christians are called to a life of self-denial and bearing the cross in order to follow Jesus, but the iWorld encourages a life of indulgence and instant gratification. Read More...

Resting In A Relentless World

We need consistent times to rest and remember redemption, but the iWorld is relentless in its opportunities and demands, giving no room for this. Read More...

Enduring In A Transient World

We are called to live for that which endures - things which have been passed down for generations, and which should be passed on to generations to come.  But we live in a world of perpetual novelty, which is dominated by the trendy and the trivial, and is often disdainful of that which has gone before. Read More...

Focused In A Distracted World

Walking with God requires us to give focused, sustained reflection to God, His Word, our lives, and the world in which we live. But we live in a world of constant distractions, making sustained, focused reflection and living very difficult. Read More...

Idolatry In the iWorld

Christians must be vigilant to keep themselves from Idols - anything we look to in place of God, assigning it god-like powers to give us what should be sought in God alone. Idolatry is rampant in the iWorld, and is concentrated in and perpetuated by technology. Read More...

Contextualizing Without Conforming

We are called to engage our current culture, contextualizing the Gospel so that it will be accessible to our friends, but we must be aware of the unique but ever present dangers that come with each culture, age and technology, understanding the world will always try to seduce our hearts away from Christ and the Gospel.
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