Love One Another

Our love for one another shows the world that we are disciples of Jesus Christ. Read More...

A Christmas Celebration

Let us celebrate the first Advent of Jesus Christ as we anxiously await the celebration of His second Advent. Read More...

Filled With the Holy Spirit

Christians are called to be constantly filed with the Holy Spirit, living lives under His control. Read More...

Is the Baptism in the Holy Spirit a "Second Blessing"?

The baptism in the Holy Spirit, while theologically distinct from regeneration and justification, occurs at the same time -- when we become believers in Christ. Read More...

Guarded by Our Covenant God

God has promised to watch over, protect, and keep His covenant people during the good and bad times of life. Read More...

What Happens When We Are Baptized in the Holy Spirit?

When we were baptized in the Holy Spirit, we were initiated into the New Covenant, placed into the Church, given spiritual gifts, and empowered to be Christ’s witnesses. Read More...

What is the Baptism in the Holy Spirit?

The Baptism in the Holy Spirit is the promised experience of the Spirit being poured out, coming upon, and filling God’s New Covenant people.

The Glorious New Covenant Ministry of the Spirit

In the New Covenant the ministry of the Spirit in believers is much more personal, internal, and powerful than it was under the Old Covenant. Read More...

The Gifts of the Spirit

Spiritual gifts are concrete expressions of God's grace, manifested by the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, given to each believer in order to strengthen the church and enable us to serve others in love. Read More...

The Fruit of the Spirit

The Spirit is at work in believers to enable them to resist the desires of their fallen nature and to be conformed to Christ. Read More...

Dead or Alive?

God showed us mercy while we were dead in our trespasses and sins, by making us alive, by raising us up, and by seating us together with Christ; so that, we might walk in those good works God has prepared for us. Read More...

God's Heart for Crisis Pregnancies

God has a heart of compassion towards crisis pregnancies, both for the unborn child and the woman. Read More...

The Spirit and the Church

The Spirit is working to join us to the Church to be the place where God dwells.

The Spirit and the World

The Spirit has been sent to convict the world of sin, righteousness, and judgment, so that it may be drawn to Christ. Read More...

The Spirit and Jesus

The Spirit has been sent by Jesus to testify to Christ, and to enable us to point others to Jesus as well.

The Spirit of Creation and Redemption

The Spirit was active in both our creation and redemption, and in His ongoing work in our lives He is restoring God's original intent for creation and our place within it. Read More...

The Spirit, the Word, and the Means of Grace

God wants to fill His people with His Spirit and this is primarily done as we consistently participate in faith with the means of grace He has ordained for His people.

The Person of the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is the third person of the trinity. He indwells us personally, and this gives us the unique ability to know and experience his presence on a continual basis. Therefore, it is important that we come to know this person, who is God. Read More...

The Holy Spirit: The Empowering Presence of God

The Holy Spirit is the Empowering Presence of God Himself, sent to grant wisdom, power, gifts, and character from the Holy Trinity to the people of God. Read More...

Mexico 2008 Mission Trip Report

This Sunday, our short-term missionaries who have returned from Lee & Carol Short’s ministry in Vallarta, Mexico, will be sharing their experiences and testimonies. Read More...

The Kingdom of God

How often do we argue the finer points of scripture with individuals who may never see the Kingdom of God. We need to learn to major in the majors and minor in the minors. Read More...

God is Holy

God is holy, calls us to be holy, and has given us his Holy Spirit so that we can be holy. Read More...

The Character of Christ

It is imperative that we have a fully developed image of Christ, and that image should have a deep impact upon every area of our lives.  Read More...

Reaching Future Generations

God calls to us through the law and the Gospel to love Him with our entire being, adn to raise future generations to turn to Christ so they can do the same thing. Read More...

What It Means to be a Disciple

A disciple is one who recognizes their sin, receives the forgiveness offered in Christ, and lives a life of worship and service in the context of a local community of believers. Read More...

When Faith Is Tested

We are called to trust God when our faith is tested, even when all seems lost, knowing that He will provide all we need in Christ. Read More...

Created to be a Dreamer

We all take actions, pursue relationships, and feel emotions, based on rational beliefs that we have defined within our lives. What is it that informs those definitions? It is the mindsets or dreams that we base our lives upon.  How do we respond when those dreams or mindsets appear to be shattered? Read More...

Testimonies of Girls from Bombay Teen Challenge

This file contains songs and testimonies from a number of girls and women who have been rescued by the Bombay Teen Challenge ministry.  Many of them had been involved in the sex slave trade or were abused by their parents.
Please note that the file contains periods of time when the girls were doing dances, and also when a woman is speaking and another translating.
Click here to download

Confession is Good for the Soul

The blessing of total forgiveness by God awaits those who confess their sins and turn to Christ in faith.

The Supremacy of the Gospel Through Suffering

In a world wrecked by turmoil and suffering, our Heavenly Father has revealed the Gospel to comfort and carry us to the place of worship. Read More...

God's Revelation - And Our Response

God has revealed Himself to us through creation and Scripture, and we are called to respond with humble confession, prayer, and faith.

Who's Your Master

You cannot continue to sin, because of your unity with Christ, which has brought you a new life no longer under the power of sin. Read More...

Series Outline on the Book of Philippians

Click here to download a PDF of the series outline

Living as a Community of Joy

As we walk in community with a focus on our eternal inheritance, we can experience joy, no matter what our circumstances are at present. Read More...

The Centrality of Christ and His Gospel

The central issue of true life is Christ and His Gospel, which give us life and should be central in our thought and existence. Read More...

A Life of Joyful Contentment

A Life of Joyful ContentmentTheme:  Christ enables us to live a life of joyful contentment, regardless of the circumstances of our present existence. Read More...

A Godward Life

Rather than facing our circumstances with anxiety, we should draw near to God and live for Him, knowing the God of peace is with us. Read More...

The Call to Live in Community

Paul urges believers to walk in community so that they can stand for the Gospel in the face of opposition. Read More...

Youseff Ouramane - International Christian Concern

Youseff Ouramane shares about God's work in Algeria.

Our Present Struggle and Our Future Glory

The Christian life is characterized by the pursuit of Christ, the struggle against sin, and the hope of our glorious future in heaven with Christ. Read More...

Our Confidence in Christ: Holding on to the Gospel

The continental divide of life is where we place our confidence – ourselves and our own righteousness, or Christ and His righteousness. Read More...

The Power of the Glorious Gospel

We should not be ashamed of the Gospel, for it is God's power to save those who believe. Read More...

Easter - Rejoice for He is Risen

We should praise God for he has given us a new life, an inheritance, protection from the trials of life, and guaranteed our salvation, and this is all based on the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Read More...

Timothy and Epaphroditus - Christ-like Examples for Us

Timothy and Epaphroditus were Christ-like examples, serving others even at great personal sacrifice and risk.

God's Heart for Children on the Brink

As those who have been cared for and adopted by God, believers are called to display God’s love to children living on the edges of society and the brink of disaster. Read More...

A Fruitful Life of Joyful Obedience

Paul calls believers to draw upon God's strength to live fruitful lives of joyful obedience. Read More...

Jesus Christ - The Supreme Example of Humility

As citizens of heaven, we look to Jesus, Who is the supreme example of humility and the Lord of all.

Unity Through Humility

As citizens of heaven who have been blessed by God, we are to walk in humility before God and each other, which leads to unity in the church. Read More...

Lee Short Ministries

Lee Short Ministries

Click here to download

Unity and Courage in the Face of Opposition

As citizens of the heavenly Kingdom believers must live worthy of the Gospel, walking in unity with each other and standing with courage when faced with opposition.

Messiah of the Outcast

Jesus the Messiah was anointed with God's Spirit to proclaim the Good News to outcasts. Read More...

Joy in the Journey (Part 2): Our Future with Christ

We can have joy because life is an opportunity to know and serve Christ, and death brings us into His Presence, which is the deepest desire of our hearts. Read More...

Joy in the Journey (Part 1): Proclaiming Christ

Despite very difficult personal circumstances, Paul is filled with joy because Christ is being proclaimed. Read More...
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